Mrs Pramila Balasundaram is the Founder-Director of Samadhan and has a Masters in English Literature and Semantics, Bangalore University. She is trained in Drama Therapy under Dr Sue Jennings, founder of Dramatherapy movement in the U.K and she has underwent hands on Experiential Training course in Germany sponsored  by Lebenshilfe, which helped her to launch her NGO...



What is Samadhan

Poverty brings together a heterogeneous mix of families surviving on daily wages and caught in the vicious cycle of lack of education, unemployment, malnutrition and consequent ill health. This situation coupled with paucity of services, are the main contributors to a disproportionately large number of intellectually disabled persons in low-income communities. SAMADHAN, a registered non-profit organization set up in 1981 in New Delhi, India, has as its dual purpose the betterment of these disregarded communities, specifically children with intellectual disability and their mothers. SAMADHAN’s philosophy is that all persons with intellectual disability can be helped, if appropriate and timely services are available. Over the years, it has effectively transferred this philosophy into action and developed a viable model of service delivery linking services for the intellectually disabled, with the needs of their mothers and of the women in the community, using locally available resources and materials.

SAMADHAN has two centers, one in Dakshinpuri in South Delhi and the other in Dwarka, South-West Delhi have been established.


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Sunny's Story

“A true story of a young man with Down’s Syndrome living in Delhi, kidnapped and came back miraculously after one whole year.”


Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education - the way ahead - an article written by Ms. Pramila Balasundaram published in the XXI issue of Learning Curve - a newsletter published by the portal - Teachers of India - an initiative of Azim Premji Foundation.

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All donations to SAMADHAN are exempted from Income Tax Under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.