The Sweetheart of all...Sneha

Sneha is a cute little child with Down syndrome who joined our Early Intervention Unit at Dakshinpuri Centre in the month of January 2015. Her date of birth is 08th September 2009. She was referred to the centre through our survey worker who informed her parents about the services at SAMADHAN. Before joining SAMADHAN, she was going to a play school near her house. She had unclear & delayed speech with poor motor skills. She mostly used nonverbal communication to express her needs. Although the routine of going to school was good for her, the parents knew that she was not improving and decided to take our survey worker`s advice and came to SAMADHAN. She was progressing in her activities with the interventions of the teacher and therapists.

Sneha has shown tremendous improvement in the one year she has been with us and her motor skills and speech have improved. She can now speak one to two words like mummy, daddy etc. She can now also imitate voices of different animals which she enjoys doing. She can identify all colours and can count numbers 1 to 10. She also uses crayons for drawing and actively participates in group activities with the other children in the class. Sneha is also eager to go for her therapy sessions and is happy working with the various therapists who work with her such as the Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist. She loves dancing. Future plans for Sneha are to concentrate on “Speech” (framing full sentences) which hence her speech therapy sessions will have to be increased.

Sneha with the Speech Therapist

With her peers