Farman was 7 years old boy when he came to Samadhan for his admission. He was born at home and delivered by a local midwife.  His father is a carpenter and mother is a house wife. He has a nuclear family with one brother and two sisters in his family. At his birth neither the midwife nor his family realized his disabilities. During the survey, our survey worker visited his house and during the conversation with the family members, she found out that he has abnormalities in his development pattern.  She suggested them to get medical advice from SAMADHAN and brought him for an assessment at our clinic. Here he was diagnosed  as a  slow learner with speech and seemed to have a problem of dyslexia. After counseling, the family agreed to admit the child in Samadhan’ s inclusive pre-school unit.

Medical history and significant points from clinical history

  • Normal delivery
  • Swelling all over the body on 8th month
  • White discharge before delivery
  • Cried after birth

Developmental milestones

  • Head holding: 2 years 6 month
  • Sitting: 6 months
  • Crawling: 8 months
  • Standing: 1 year
  • Speech: 18 month

Complaints before the admission in Samadhan

  • Mother said that he had very bad memory and was very forgetful.
  •  He used to talk only to relatives and family members. Never talked to other people.
  •  Attention Deficit  problems
  • Difficulty in following instructions   
  • Did not want to interact, he was very shy and socially inept.


Functional level after one yaer attending SAMADHAN

  • Eating: Independent
  • Dressing: wants to wear good clothes
  • Drinking: Independent
  • Combing: Independent
  • Toileting: Independent
  • Likes to play with other children. Social  skills much improved.

According to the parents

  • Improvement in self-help skill.(bathing, dressing, undressing etc)
  • Interacting socially well with other people now.
  • His memory is now improved.
  • Now he is more extrovert.
  • He plays with his friends.
  • The child used to pinch other students but now his behavior is improved.
  • The child is able to express himself more clearly.
  • The child is able to help mother in her household work now.

According to the teachers

  • Academically the child is doing good in English.
  • As per the teachers he is now good in social interaction
  • The child now has many friends.
  • Instrumental A.D.L-money management: the child has the concept of money up to 10 rs.
  • He also has the concept of money identification (e..g 10 Rs. note 50 note)
  • The child is good in playing cricket he is the second opening  batsman.
  • The child understands whenever he misbehaves and realizes that he needs to apologise.


Farman Safi was in Samadhan inclusive play group for two years. The teachers discovered that his one great passion was to play Cricket. They used this to develop his social skills and also  encouraged him to join a local cricket academy. He showed remarkable improvement and his cricketing skills were also much admired by everyone. The cricket coach at the academy said that if properly trained he could become an excellent cricket player.

He was admitted into a mainstream school, Sivas Public School, Sangam Vihar,  New Delhi in Class II in the year 2011. Now he is in Class IV and progressing well.