Fifteen months old Manu is the third child in the family, he has a 5-year-old brother and a 3-year-old sister, and fortunate to have loving grandparents. The family lives in a village called Prem Nagar in South West District of New Delhi.

His father, Sawan, a cab driver and Reshma, his mother, eagerly awaited the birth of their baby. Little did they realize that the events which were to follow would turn their life upside down.  Reshma was 9 months into her pregnancy when she had a fall which necessitated her to go for induced delivery procedures at a private hospital.  The child did not cry immediately after delivery and soon developed fits and the child was diagnosed to have global developmental delay with pseudobulbar palsy. Since the hospital did not have proper facilities, the child was rushed to government run Safdurjung hospital where the baby first cried – a day later. The third day at the hospital Manu had seizures and investigations revealed that he is microcepahalic. After a week in hospital, he was discharged. At home initially, for 3-4 months, he had occasional seizures but then the frequency increased. So, when about 6  months, parents took Manu to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Delhi, one of the best government-run hospitals in India, and treatment for seizures started.  Now he is on regular medication and visits AIIMS regular checkups. Though the seizures are under control, the damage has been done; his head size shrunk and optic nerves affected leading to vision loss. When the doctors told the family that though Manu is chronologically 15 months, his mental age is only 6 months, his family was devastated. And at this point, the mother during one of her visits to AIIMS, she found a ray of hope through another mother whose child has similar problem.  “My son was also like yours and now, at the age of 5 years, has starting walking”, said Rajshree, mother of another child who regularly receives therapeutic interventions for her child at SAMADHAN.  Reshma immediately took Manu to Dakshinpuri centre of SAMADHAN and got him admitted to early intervention unit at SAMADHAN, Manu is getting regular therapy and Reshma has been given training on how to continue the interventions at home as well. In about two months, Manu is showing some signs of head and trunk control.  Reshma wishes, and is hopeful, that one day her son will also walk and gain skills to lead an independent life.