As I walked into SAMADHAN centre at Dakshinpuri, I saw a cheerful child walking up and down the stairs holding his mother’s hands. I could see the happiness in the mother’s face. This was the mother whom I met 8 months ago, sitting at the clinic with worries writ large on her face and trying to hide her tears as she talked about her child.

Suman migrated to New Delhi after her marriage and resides with her in-laws at Madangir near Dakshinpuri. The family was very happy when she gave birth to Ranjeet. As the days passed by, Suman began to notice the child was not responding normally the way he should but did not think of seeking any medical advice. Her family members also assured her that things will be normal and there is no need for panic. But personally Suman was not convinced and during her visit to hospital, Ranjeet was diagnosed to have delayed milestones but not much counselling was given as to what needs to be done. Days passed by Ranjeet completed 2 ½ years but there is no significant change in Ranjeet’s condition. The child couldn’t sit or stand unsupported.

During one of her survey visits, Sarojini, case worker from SAMADHAN, happen to meet Suman and after much persuasion, the family agreed to bring the child to SAMADHAN for assessment by medical team.  Counselling was given to make the family realise the importance of early intervention. The child was admitted to its Early Intervention Unit and therapy exercises were prescribed.

Now with more than 8 months of regular intervention, the child was able to walk unsupported from one end of the room to the other end; climbs the stairs holding hands, able to kneel, able to squat and can stand from sitting position. He is also able to hold things with both hands and he is now able to listen with focus; able to rotate his eyeballs as response to stimuli.

The change in Ranjeet is very evident and I moved on leaving the happy mother and son to enjoy their time together. Looking at the confident Suman, I am sure she will be a change agent and Ranjeet a hope to many.