UshaThis was ten years ago. Payal was brought to the rehabilitation clinic by our community worker directed by neighbors who talked about a woman who seemed to be insane or possessed by the devil and who had a little three-year-old daughter who was still crawling around on all fours. Our community worker visited this home and found that indeed everything was disorganized and even meals were irregular. It was learned that Usha 's husband had died recently and her mother-in-law lived in other part of the city and visited once a day to cook, clean up and generally see to the needs of Usha and Payal. But she had nowhere to go nor any information on what could be done.

Both Usha and Payal were brought to the Clinic where Usha was diagnosed as severely mentally handicapped and Payal also was diagnosed with mild mental handicap. Lack of stimulation and an environment deprived of the usual care provided by a mother was the main cause of Payal's delayed development. The community worker had to first of all communicate with the neighbors about Usha and make them aware of her mental handicap and convince them that she was not possessed. She then had to enlist their support to keep an eye on Usha and Payal. Then she took efforts to bring in Usha’s mother-in-law to move in with her. Usha, till recently was a member of our vocational unit and earned a monthly income of Rs 1500, more than what her husband who was a tailor, had done in his life time. She passed away after a brief illness. Payal is doing excellently in the mainstream school. She is now taken care of by the relatives. Staff from Samadhan are keeping in touch with her.