Vishal one and half year old child admitted with delayed milestone in Feb. 2007 according to mother he was alright mother didn’t have any problem for mature. She was taking any antenatal checkup. Child was born in safadrjung hospital weighting 2.5kg.child was kept in nursing for 10 days. As child develop convulsion and septicemia. He was treated with phenobarbiturates and antibiotics. He was discharged. He is only child. When child came to samadhan at the age of 18months.child had no neck control and floppy baby. MRI was done and showed cerebral atrophy with cerebral infraction (according to MRI report). Child had very feeble cry.

C/F child had right side facial palsy with microcephaly with Mr. chronically age was about one month old child.

With good nutritive, with megavitamins and therapy and with anticonvulsant therapy drugs child improve. He started having partial neck control social smile increase in weight and response to external stimuli by dec. 2007. Child has good head control good weight (7.5 kg) recognizes the caretaker so child is improving slowly, he is with Samadhan.

OT treatment: was admitted to early intervention on Feb. 2007.child was generally having high tone, no neck control, no sitting tolerance, no facial expression.

Initially emphasis was given in improving neck control. Till dec. child is able to control his neck partially in both supine and prone lying. As simultaneously exercise of lower and upper limb was done so spasticity of a child also decresed.the child also responds to the external actions are also improved as his response with social smile. Also started recognizing the caregiver.

Now we are emphasizing on to improve neck control further, as well as child is made to sit with support in cp chair as well as by caretaker. Muscle stretching is further continued to decrease the spasticity.this pattern is also taught to parent/guardian to do in home.

 Vishal Vishal

Me- Cerebral atrophy  (23/2/07)
Cerebrum infection