Karishma aged 5 yrs came into Samadhan crawling on all fours. Her development milestones were delayed. She was not speaking and was unable to eat on her own. She was given treatment and given appropriate exercises to improve her coordination. Now it is a joy to see her smile, waving, walking and do ‘namaste’. She has started to hold the pencil and scribble on her notebook. Now we are taking efforts to admit her into mainstream school.

Vineeet aged 9 yrs with intellectual disability, had behavioral problems and was only able to indicate his needs through gestures. Now he has started expressing his needs by using small words like ‘pani’
(water) and ‘ball’.

Sambhavi 7 yrs is affected by cerebral palsy. When she joined, she had no movement, no response and was not able to chew and swallow her food. Now one year at Samadhan, she can walk and has started saying ‘mama’ ‘papa’ ‘kaka’(uncle) and ‘didi’.(sister) She has no eating problems. Eye contact has been established and she is able to interact and listens to others.

Aafreen, aged 5 yrs with Downs Syndrome is the darling of the unit. She joined Samadhan 7 months back. She had speech problems. Now she started uttering words. Smartly dressed with a beaded hair band, she now enters the school with a bright smile and a cute ‘namaste’. Recently she entered the premises with her usual cute ‘namaste’ but was asked to say ‘namaste’ to some of the other staff. She smartly said, ‘Aafreen sirf ek bar namaaste karegi, bar bar nahi’ which means ‘Aafreen will not say namaste more than once’. That was very sweet and shows her confidence. From this academic year, she will hopefully be in mainstream school.

Pushpender, another child with Downs Syndrome aged 7 years has been visiting the unit for the past 7 months. He has now started to count from 1-10, plays with colors and is able to write numbers 1-6 and alphabet A-C.

Gopish, our senior most student (here in SAMADHAN for the last 2½ years) aged 8 years, is with moderate cerebral palsy, has improved in fine motor skills and his behavioral problems have b. Started scribbling and playing with blocks. Loves music and is a very cheerful child.

Eshwar, aged 7 years, is a child with autism joined SAMADHAN a month back. The exhausted mother was carrying him as he starts wandering non stop the moment he is left on the ground. Now with regular training, he is much disciplined, eats his lunch and listens to instructions.

Sneha aged 4 years who joined us in the early intervention unit is now spending 2½ hrs in the inclusive playschool. She was completely without any coordination or speech. Now with the efforts of her dedicated mother and Samadhan’s staff, she is able to take few bold steps and happily spending time on her own at the play school.

Harshita is  3 yrs 9 m  years old and is intellectually disabled. She joined Samadhan in July 2008. She had lot of behavioral problems, continuous crying and nil social interactions. Now her interaction with teachers, peers and others have considerably improved. She is now happily playing with blocks and clay. She can drink and manage to eat on her own.

Khushboo aged 51/2 yrs has Cerebral Palsy and is visiting the unit for the past 8 months.  She was without any coordination or indication. She has now built up eye contact and able to walk with minimal support and greets you with a sweet, ‘Good morning’. She has even started singing rhymes.