NAPKID, the "National Association for the Promotion of Knowledge on Intellectual Disability” was set up  on March 13th,2010 this year in collaboration with the IASSID, The International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability " and facilitated by the SDSA, the Singapore Downs Syndrome  Association.

AIM-To promotes partnerships to facilitate research and knowledge sharing in ID in India.  


  1. To develop initially a national network on   healthcare, education, social work and other allied services by professionals and organisations, both Government and Non Government, academic, service providers and community-based organisations of those affected by ID, in order to collect, share and generate knowledge on ID.
  2. To undertake a situation analysis on ID with respect to research, data and documentation.
  3. To identify gaps in priority areas for further research and documentation.
  4. To move into other areas of disability knowledge at a later date in order to become progressively inclusive.


  1. Develop an online resource hub of current data, with links to research studies, journals and organisations. This will be collated to be readily accessed by network members and non-members. It will also contribute to the IASSID database.
  2. Carry out research studies focussed on ID with wide collaboration among relevant agencies and with appropriate mentoring from within the network or internationally.
  3. Facilitate knowledge sharing within and beyond the network with conferences, seminars and other joint events.

NAPKID is based at SAMADHAN Centre for Human Resources, Sector 2, Pocket 2, Dwarka, 110075. +91 11 2507 3137 4551 6693. napkid.india[at] 

Please log on to the new website of IASSID at for information.