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Sunny’s Story, based on facts, has been woven into a fascinating narration that is evidence of Prameela’s own vast experience, which has made possible the obvious sensitivity and love with which she sees her protagonist. She brings out the pathos and the dilemma of families who have children with intellectual disability gently. If there is one thing that connects Sunny’s various adventures it is a reiteration of God’s amazing grace, reaching into wholly unimaginable situations in which Sunny finds himself. It is also a statement of Prameela’s own faith and her personal witness to God’s grace in her life.

“Sunny stood out as one who might be “a gift from the gods”, sent to remind people to open themselves toward their unknown little brother.” (Mike Miles, researcher and practitioner in the field of disability in South Asia).

I was once asked “What are the 3 qualities that you possess today as a leader which were not present 10 years ago?  ” In 1981, I established an NGO for children with intellectual disability also impacted by poverty. 36 years down the line and with two international   awards I thought I could answer the Question honestly.

- Testimony by Ms. Pramila Balasundaram published on Handiplanet e changes, the proponent of a International network of reciprocal exchange of experiences and knowledge about intellectual and physical disability to create a dynamic exchange between the international associations through the sharing and accumulation of ideas, information and experiences.

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