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The national team of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, India visited SAMADHAN in October 2016, Their visit set the mood of the festive season. The team spent time with staff, parents and children sharing gifts, sweets and personal donations to SAMADHAN’s activities. They also enthusiastically participated in rangoli making and lighting of diyas. Their visit and the positive feedback brought cheer to the lives of all of us at SAMADHAN:

“It is indeed my privilege to be associated with your efforts – albeit in a very small way”
– Geeta Jain, Chief Executive Officer – India, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“We absolutely loved coming back, also it gave us an opportunity to open our hearts to little wonders like Sneha, Ashfaq and others.”
– Gunjan Gupta, HR Business Partner, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“Our visit was a very humbling experience! Your team is an embodiment of strength of character and personal commitment that very few individual demonstrate in this field. It’s truly an amazing and story of inspiration for each one of us. Our CEO- Geeta Jain, also wrote about it on our Internal social site and has shared her high regards for this team’s commitments and efforts towards these children and the families. Thank you for all that you do for them. Salute thy efforts and God Bless. “
– Sunita S Menon | Senior Director Human Resources, India, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Mr Mauro Mozzato visited SAMADHAN to personally understand the activities of SAMADHAN in November 2016 and here’s his feedback:

“What we saw is unbelievable: if God does not support projects like Samadhan I’m not sure what else He might consider. I’m confident this Christmas will be a good one for Samadhan and its families.
– Mauro Mozzato | Chief Business Unit, JSS SteelItalia Ltd, India

This Diwali 2016, JSS Steelitalia Ltd, placed an order for 250 boxes of Laddoos prepared by mothers of the intellectual disabilities. This is the part of income generation programme, the profit through the sale will support the rehabilitative services for children with intellectual disabilities at SAMADHAN. This feedback is after we delivered the order on time.

“Our expectations have been exceeded congratulation to you and your team for the excellent work!!!! I thank you for the opportunity offered to us to support your organization and in particular the children with intellectual disabilities. No matter the faith that inspires you, looking after those in need and who has no voice in the big audience is a good action, thank you for having given us the opportunity. “
– Mauro Mozzato | Chief Business Unit, JSS SteelItalia Ltd, India

“It was refreshing and uplifting to see the activities of SAMADHAN. The approach you have was lovely, not just towards the children but also the holistic relationship you have managed to create with the families within the community and the joy and passion that your staff had was great to see.”
– Tom and Nicci | Registered Nurses from UK

“Today I have read your annual report carefully with high interest as I was involved years ago in your valuable work in Delhi. Having a 33 years mentally handicapped daughter ourselves my wife Rosemarie and myself are quite keen to learn details of your work. As you may remember Rosemarie and I were co-founders of a home for handicapped adults ( Samadhan annual report is giving evidence of providing not only high professional support but even more important of social competence characterized by devotion to the poorest of the poor, empathy with the suffering disabled children and their parents and family members. I’m realizing e tremendous strength of your whole team including the volunteers whom your training before taking over responsibility for others. Your national and international contacts are keeping you up to date as far as caretaking, developing and medical treatment are concerned – congratulations. Your therapy approaches are matching with the therapies we are practising in Germany as well. I have send a copy of your report to the MD of our association (Heydenmuehle) who may admire your achievements standing on your own feet during the starting phase in particular. We may learn from you to strengthen our international cooperations.”
– Lothar Hinkel Ex. Board member , Software AG Stiftung , Darmstadt – Germany

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